Lizzo has declared she is taking a break from her musical career, pointing to feelings of alienation as the reason.

On Friday (March 29th), the artist behind “About Damn Time” took to Instagram with a heartfelt post, discussing the personal difficulties she’s encountered. These issues, she explained, have compelled her to temporarily withdraw from the music scene.

“I’m growing weary of enduring constant criticism from everyone in my life and online,” she stated in her message.

“My only desire is to create music, bring joy to people, and contribute to making the world slightly better than I found it. However, it’s becoming clear to me that the world might not want me as part of it.

“I’m always facing false accusations made against me for clout & views… being made the subject of ridicule because of my appearance… my integrity being torn down by those who don’t know me and showing me disrespect,” she continued.

Concluding her message, she firmly stated, “This isn’t what I signed up for – I quit.”

The revelation sparked a massive outpouring of support from fans, who expressed their sadness and offered words of encouragement. They recounted the significant impact her music has had on them.

“Never give up. You’ve inspired and transformed the world, and you’re deeply cherished by me and countless others! Take a break. But please, don’t give up. You’re needed in this world,” a fan encouraged.

“Oh no. So many of us love you, see you, AND feel SEEN through your work. Take all the time you need, but remember you’re appreciated and loved,” another fan remarked.

“Even though we may not deserve you, we still need you,” someone else contributed.

Do y’all think she is tapping out to soon?


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