February 24, 2021

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By @JOEKURLY January 24, 2021 174

Is the Drake era over, and done with? Does Lil Baby hold the key's now? If you ask some hip-hop heads they will say yes the "Drake Era" is done. But we say other wise. Hear me out Rap Geekz. Drake has been at the top of the tier for the past decade, and has not dropped one bad project thus far. He dropped a mixtape that already had previously released tracks and went #1 that same night on music charts. Remember "Care Package" in 2019? Then followed up with "Dark lane demo tapes" and that was also fire. That mf' sold over 1 million units. It was cool that lil baby was the first artist to go double platinum in 2020, but do you think he will still be popping in a "decade from now"? I'm calling it now, that Drakes “Certified Lover Boy” will be his highest selling project ever. Look have y'all seen how sad he looks in the pics of him in the studio? This project fixing to be fire! haha, kidding... But I predict that he will sell at least 600k in the first week! He delayed his release date due to his knee surgery, but say's he will drop this project for sure sometime in 2021. I honestly don't think it's lil babys era, as long as Drake keeps dropping!

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