December 09, 2019

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Download the single, "Baby Joker". Stream:

We all love the "Friday" movies, Including Young Dolph! He pays tribute to Ice Cubes iconic movies, with assistance from Key Glock as they try to get at baby joker's sister.

Yo what up Rap Geekz! Check out this freestyle from San Antonio artist lil 3astside! (video below) Is this flow fire or trash? Let us know if you rocking with the homie DM us or hit us up on social media @RapGeekz

Be looking out for the album! #OTW

Soundcloud :


Shot and Edited by Mission City


July 09, 2019

One time for all our haters! We blog hard then we ball out!

We have been building this brand for a min. and all though we are no where close to where we want to be, we have seen plenty of success, and progress. The journey has been fun. Can't wait so see where else this platform takes us! S/O to all our fans, and supporters. Y'all the truth! Greatly appreciated, we love every one of y'all, who share our links, reads our blogs, supports the artist we push, and stays watching out for our newest drops. We will keep pushing and build this brand up! We have bigger plans then just blogging, when the timing is right we will make our next move.

updates on the team!

Miah Sky, and JB have been working and recording plenty of new music. Without a doubt they are some of the hardest working artist out of STX. From the videos, to the music releases they stay on the move. Miah Sky has finally hit the studio with the homie Gringo the MC. JB has recently dropped a mixtape #2BeCon which features the Texas legend Lucky Luciano! The TRUE records artist are still pushing, and working hard. RYLO has been doing single covers, producing, and recording. There is nothing the TRUE crew can't do. We still waiting on some visuals. Joe Kurly has been caught up with work and his family, but the podcast will be back and harder than ever! #RapGeekzRadio s/o to Zak!

No Love...

They wont support you till it's to late. Big facts..... Look all i am saying is if you are from where we from, and don't support us you a hoe. I see all the fake love, and hear who be hating on the low. But they wont ever say shit in person. MFS hide behind fake fb accounts and talk shit like cowards. We have the talent, and if you from FAL and the surrounding area of stx and won't show love because of rumors, or because we ain't on a major level yet, then you a hoe! Don't come around when we start doing it big. We have already seen it twice before. Once Miah fka J2 started working with bigger artist mfs were dick riding. As soon as he stopped, there went the love. We also lost a lot of fans because their bitch was trying to smash. Don't be mad at us, be mad at your bitch! puto face.

Next up

To all the younger artist in fal. Keep pushing, keep recording, and perfecting your craft. Don't ever let some one crush your dreams! And remember after high school you will lose half your fan base. People only fuck with you cuz they see you everyday. Start thinking of the future and your next move. Always keep moving. Don't get comfortable with just 100 plays, or etc. stay on your grind.

YES!!! We love, and support Barbie! Don't get it twisted shorty is one of our favorite female artist. She recently got in some trouble with an other female artist where they threw hands, we shared it on our ig for promo, nothing more! Stiff Barbie the truth! Fuck with her! Check out her newest music video below! She is one of the hardest working female rap artist out of Texas! #NoCap

Follow @barbiemfbitch today!

Rap Geekz very own "Miah Sky" just dropped a brand new music video to "Drop It Low" which happens to be one of his biggest singles to date! It has been a very busy week for the homie. He has been putting in a lot of work in the studio, and has been very consistent with the drops! Be looking out for his next mixtape!

Filmed by Dj Yetty of Soul Sessions Studio. Be sure to comment, like, share, and subscribe.
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SHOUT OUT TO THE BEAUTIFUL REMI WHITE! She is also featured in Miah’s “Splash” music video!
#Splash music video By Miah Sky x $tiff Barbie x Beat King prod. By Rylo out now! #RAPGEEKZ
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