December 09, 2019

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R.I.P Flatline we still holding you down out here! Share this video one time #FlatlineForever


This documentary details the murder of one of Corpus Christi's most legendary hometown rappers "Flatline". Everywhere he went love followed but not on the breezy morning he was confronted at a fishing pier by a known associate. People witnessed a light skinned 29 year old man park his vehicle in a shadowy area of the pier. A passionate confrontation from this man ensued and everyone heard a loud gunshot. 5 hours later, Jesse Wayne Taylor emerged in a police station refusing to speak after confirming his presence at the crime scene. We will follow the controversy as Judge Guy Williams and his criminal record resided over this case. The judge was recently accused of sexual harassment, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, public intoxication, etc. Many were baffled when the murder case was dismissed and allowed Jesse Wayne Taylor to walk free. No murder weapon has been recovered and no charges were brought forward when guns were discovered in his place of stay. Share this documentary to demand justice for Flatline.

If you got a loved one you haven't spoke to in a while give them a call, or better yet go visit them. Take care of your people man, for real. Life is short. #LoveYourz

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