May 21, 2018

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Promoters And The Bad Business Of Hip-Hop

First things first, don't do bad business! Rap Geekz is a small blog on the come up in the hip-hop industry still new but for as long as I been involved with hiphop I've seen a lot shady things go down. I've seen dudes get burned for verses, videos, studio time, and artwork. Ive seen producer sell the same beat over and over again and make stupid cash off hustling artist. I have seen shady promoters and studio thugs who care about money and nothing of hip-hop its self. Like I said I've seen a lot. Since I first got the idea of taking Rap Geekz to the next level and ditching blogger to built my own website I've came across a lot of shady web designers who cost me money and have done nothing but waste my time. I've also had shirt designers try to hustle me for lower quality shirts for a bigger price. It can get frustrating when deals go south because of bad business. 
Rappers if your currently doing bad business please stop! This could come and bite you back in the ass later on down the line in your music carrier. Don't be that dude whose constantly taxing on more and more money for a verse or hook just because dude is willing to pay don't make it right. And if your a rapper on the come up with no hits maybe you have little buzz Tho. You better not be charging no high prices for a verse remember you ain't shit. Stay humble don't charge no 900 when your only worth about 250. And don't be trying make a lump some of cash dropping weak verses. That shit ain't gunna get you no where! It might get you a good ass kicking if you try to burn the wrong person. 
I think some of the worst people who do bad business are music promoters, the dudes who host the shows and concerts. Some of y'all are really shady, It's funny because a lot of yall do the same thing. You find a washed up rapper whose no longer relevant, no longer has a buzz. Yall find the cheapest venue you can get, then charge artist to open up for the low price of a arm and leg for a 7-15 min. set with some whack ass DJ who don't give a shit about their music and just lets it play while they trying share something about them self real quick. It's stupid because artist will dish out 350 for 15 mins. just to open up for someone who fell off back in the day. Yall break the bank for crooks but won't pay for a better studio or producer to make good quality music. Thats bad business too. 
So here's what we got a shady promoter who throws washed up rappers on the flyers, over hypes it on FaceBook gets other rappers to sell tickets after they already paid a good amount for their set. Then its at some low budget venue where the DJ sucks and the door greeters try to charge you every time you walk back in after stepping out side for a smoke or to make phone call. Not to mention the sets are always running late, the beer is over priced and no one knows what's going on. Dam talk about bad business. 
Don't do bad business. 
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