May 21, 2018

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Hip Hop ain't dead, it lives on!

Legends change the game! With that being said the first artist on our list of hip hop legends goes to none other than Tupac! More than an artist but an icon, 2Pacs music changed the rap game. The legend of Tupac lives on forever, some say he's still alive while others disagree. Where ever you stand on the conspiracy he's spirit lives on forever threw the millions of fans today. Tupacs death turned him into a martyr. Sept. Of 96 will remembered by fans around the world for generations to come. Tupacs influence on the hip hop community is still very much relevant today. Theirs is almost no rapper without a Tupac reference. What he had to say was most relevant, his ideas, and the way he thought about the future and used it in he's lyrics made him the best. He was a poet, a genius, a legend. He wrote so much, his work ethic was sick they say any rapper from the nineties owes him something. Their is gunna be a new unreleased Tupac track coming soon to be released on 

With that being said let's go back a bit. Before the Pacs and Biggies, before a white boy destroyed a mic. and set the radio waves buzzing. I'm talking before the swag and yolo fags came about! There was DJ Kool Herc, the pioneer of the breakbeat style. He was dee-jaying in the 70s before hip-hop was even considered a genre. It is said the 1520 Sedgwick avenue. Is the birthplace of hip-hop. Block parties were popping off, b-boys showed off their moves, a movement begin. 

Rappers, DJays, B-Boys, and graffiti artist is, and are hip-hop! It was the Planet Rock artist Afrika Bambaataa who took it to the next level. Bambaataa created the Universal Zulu Nation which is now world wide. Zulu Nation is a non violent organization where artist can peacefully do their thing without the law beating them down. Now this ain't gunna be a hiphop history lesson so let's get threw a real quick legendary list before we talk about Kurtis Blow. 

Hip Hop legends consent of  the Beasties Boys, DJ Screw, Dr. Dre, LL Cool J, The Sugar Hill Gang, 50cent, Puff Daddy, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Kool Moe Dee, Biggie Smalls, Public Enemy, Salt-N-Pepa, Rakim, E-40, 2 live crew, Queen Latifah, MC Hammer, Scarface, BigDaddy Kane, Biz Markie, Slick Rick, Busta Ryhmes, Too Short, DMX, NWA, Ice Cube, Ice T, Bone Thugs, Cypress Hill, SPM, Black Star, WU- TANG Clan, Nas, Pimp C, lil Kim, Mobb Deep, Three 6 Mafia,Snoop Dogg, lil wayne, Common, and yes their is more to this list of legends but I am going to elaborate, and edify.  

Now back to Kurtis Blow, Kurtis Blow made it possible for any artist with a major record label deal today. He was the first hip-hop artist to land a major record deal. He is the reason why artist make money today. He is somewhat of a super producer behind the projects of many greats, such as the Fat Boys, and Run DMC. 

Now I can't say I'm not fan all these legends my self, but i pay respect and I'll leave it at that.

Here is a Hip-Hop Legend I enjoy! KRS-ONE without a doubt the most versatile artist in the hip-hop game! 

"Rap is something you do. Hip-Hop is something you live." -KRS One 

A Pioneer of the diss record, and a leader in the conscious rap movement. KRS-One was a Jedi master when it came to vocal style. Constantly switching up from smooth to hype, KRS knew at a young age he wanted to be a MC. At just 14 he left home in pursuit of his dream. Becoming homeless leaving in shelters, but I promise you this he ain't never had no regrets when it came to chasing his dream. A GodFather of rap, KRS is fuckng dope. If you aren't a fan or KRS-One just ain't a household name where your from then checkout Criminal Minded. 

Their ain't to many duos who did it like DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince! They appealed to the masses. Like EM said Will Smith didn't have to cuss in his raps. Literally profanity free! Will Smith went from rapper to actor to super star status! Not many have a resume as such. 

What's Hip-Hop without a female presence? Missy Elliott hands down takes the cake when it comes to the greatest female MC of all time!  The rapper/producer is very talented, and crazy creative. She can hang with the big boys! From her escape from poverty to the top of success Missy Elliott showed the world that a female can make it! She founded Goldmine, her own record label, and she pushed the limits of hip-hop with creative artistic music videos. From her creativity to her lyrics, and melodies Missy Elliott is rap genius!

Outkast! The greatest duo of all time! The first to explode from the South during the classic East Coast Vs. West Coast. They made it possible for rappers in the south today! "The South had something to say" and they sure did! Andre 3000, and Big Boi took ATLiens their sophomore album to hit a certified platinum, and continue to climb to the top. Two decades later and their influence on the rap game is still relevant. Try to tell me Andre 3000 ain't the King of the South! 

From selling grams to winning Grammys Jay Z without a doubt is one the greatest of all time top 5 at least! The multimillionaire platinum selling artist wins at life! Beautiful wife, lavish lifestyle, and he's rapper. What more can you want. More than a rapper but a business man. Or should I say the Business, Man! From the Brooklyn Nets, to Roc Nation, and Def Jam Jay Knows a thing about success. Not to mention he's best friends with the president! Jay Z Runs New York!  He signed Kanye West who is an other great artist! Following the footsteps of Jay Z, Kanye West Married superstar Kim K. We're talking power couples here! From producer to rapper Kanye is a God! Just playing ha. This guy is on an other level tho. they built a religion based off Kanye West its kind of crazy. But never the less Kanye West is dope! He is the most awarded artist, although he got cheated out of a few awards He still stands tall. From his rants to his groundbreaking 808s and Heartbreaks album he sets trends! The Chicago native is one of kind he produced one the greatest albums of all time The Blueprint by Jay Z. Kanye West is due to drop a new album sometime soon!

Hate him or love him Eminem is the Greatest artist of all time! The Shady Empire is untouchable. He's music is the truth, it's funny, crazy ridiculously sometimes, but he's dead serious! The Slim Shady LP went quadruple platinum to certified diamond, and won the Grammy for best rap album! He's a living legend! He broke all color boundaries and showed the world he's talent threw angry aggressive storytelling, his lyrics and delivery come second to none! Dr. Dre his mentor, friend, producer, and a rap legend signed Eminem to his aftermath label. Eminem owns one of the best radio stations out Shade 45, Not to mention he signed 50 cent an other hip-hop legend! Eminem is an excellent battle rapper great story teller and he is a Rap God! The most iconic rapper of all time, he's legacy continues to grow as he has added to the Shady Empire with Yelawolf and SlaughterHouse future legends? He's freestyle skills are undeniable the best. Tell me whose on EMs level? Dude came out and took over the rap game! 

Legends change the game and every rapper on this list has left their mark in Hip-Hop. Shoutout to all the rappers on the come up, who are keeping Hip Hop alive! 

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