June 25, 2018

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Owner and founder of Rapgeekz.com 

Who needs to sign to a label when the indie hip-hop scene is flourishing? You no longer need radio stations to spin your records thanks to the Internet, and the powerful force we all know as social media. From Chance The Rapper to Kevin Gates and back to Hopsin independent artist are making a killing! Numbers don't lie from their fans to the dollars signs indie artist are banking! A lot these indie artist aren't just popular garbage, their here for a reason. They got skills and talent not to mention a shit load of loyal fans.

I wonder what state has the most independent artist? Texas? New York? Cali? I have no idea but what I do know is that there is a lot! Ever been to SXSW show up with an empty backpack and end up leaving with a full bag of CDs and demos. No lie, so many artist out their trying to get heard and signed. It gets kind of crazy out there, some say its starting to feel like theirs more artist out there promoting than their is fans. If you ain't never checked it out give it a try you make like it, you might run into a drunk Snow Tha Product yelling at pedestrians "The Baby Dinosaur" yea it gets weird.

Anyways once again thanks to the Internet, sites like YouTube, band-camp, sound-cloud, Twitter, blogs, and everything in between has made it easy and simple for an artist with a small budget to share their music to the whole world within seconds! Just like that target kid who became famous because of Twitter fanatics, rappers can go viral just like that! Ever heard of JJ Fish, or J2? I honestly think the whole XXL freshmen class of 2014 were all internet sensations. For real! I ain't never heard but one or two of them on that list till then. I ain't hating I'm just trying to point out that the Internet has indie artist set up pretty good. The underground ain't so bad like I said numbers don't! SPM an underground legend was making over 400k a month way before tools like FB and Twitter were around. That was till he got locked up. Free SPM! The underground is alive and well, with plenty of good artist around.

If you only fuck with mainstream artist I want to encourage you to checkout some of your local artist. You might like what you hear and become a fan. Support local talent! Support the underground! We right here! The underground ain't going no where son!

DJ Khaled’s 1-year-old son Asahd has reportedly partnered with the Jordan brand for the Jordan Asahd Collection. The collection will feature apparel and accessories for kids sizes 0-20.

RapGeekz Radio

February 17, 2018

We recently launched our own radio podcast on Apple podcast and Achor check us out today! 

Listen to an unreleased song from Tory Lanez called "March 2nd," aka the release date for his sophomore album.

A big collaboration from A$AP Rocky, Gucci Mane, 21 Savage and producer London On Da Track for the film "Uncle Drew."


Produced by Rance, Mike & Keys and MyGuyMars,  Check out "Dedication" by Nipsey Hussle and Kendrick Lamar

First things first, don't do bad business! Rap Geekz is a small blog on the come up in the hip-hop industry still new but for as long as I been involved with hiphop I've seen a lot shady things go down. I've seen dudes get burned for verses, videos, studio time, and artwork. Ive seen producer sell the same beat over and over again and make stupid cash off hustling artist. I have seen shady promoters and studio thugs who care about money and nothing of hip-hop its self. Like I said I've seen a lot. Since I first got the idea of taking Rap Geekz to the next level and ditching blogger to built my own website I've came across a lot of shady web designers who cost me money and have done nothing but waste my time. I've also had shirt designers try to hustle me for lower quality shirts for a bigger price. It can get frustrating when deals go south because of bad business. 

Legends change the game! With that being said the first artist on our list of hip hop legends goes to none other than Tupac! More than an artist but an icon, 2Pacs music changed the rap game. The legend of Tupac lives on forever, some say he's still alive while others disagree. Where ever you stand on the conspiracy he's spirit lives on forever threw the millions of fans today. Tupacs death turned him into a martyr. Sept. Of 96 will remembered by fans around the world for generations to come. Tupacs influence on the hip hop community is still very much relevant today. Theirs is almost no rapper without a Tupac reference. What he had to say was most relevant, his ideas, and the way he thought about the future and used it in he's lyrics made him the best. He was a poet, a genius, a legend. He wrote so much, his work ethic was sick they say any rapper from the nineties owes him something. Their is gunna be a new unreleased Tupac track coming soon to be released on 2pac.com 

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